Shared Inbox and Project management software
for Client service teams

Manage your team’s email conversations, tasks and timesheets on a single platform
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Shared Inbox Software for Teams

ClientFlow gets your personal email conversations, your team's group email conversations and client
communication on a single shared platform where every mail is owned up and is responded to.

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Client Communication

Have all your conversations with clients in one place, Standardize Approval process with Custom branded Approval requests and automate repeated conversations with customized message templates.

Group Mailbox

Connect your Email accounts or Set up auto-forwarding from any email address and share with Teammates so they have visibility into all Emails Conversations on one shared inbox software without having to switch between different group mail accounts

Team Collaboration

ClientFlow works a lot like your email client but builds on top of it to include useful features that facilitate group conversations much better. With features like assigning teammates to conversations and adding internal comments you can coordinate and respond better as a team.

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Collaborative Project Management

Organize and Track your Client projects and Internal tasks in one place with ClientFlow's
Project management software to ensure you have complete control on your work.

Quick and Easy setup

Create, assign, set due dates and add description to all your projects and tasks effortlessly so that everything is in place before you and your team can start work.

Personal Dashboard

Your teammates get a summary of all the work that is assigned to them in one place so they know exactly what's expected of them without any additional briefing and can plan their hours accordingly

Increased Visibility

With ClientFlow, You get an overview of what your teammates are working on and can easily collaborate-in-context via task comments. You can keep tabs on multiple projects with Kanban boards without having to ask your teammates for updates.

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Employee Time Tracking

Track time within your project management tool itself without any hassle and manage your time effectively

Flexible Time Tracking

Clock time on Tasks assigned to you or directly onto Projects. You can start the timer as and when you start your work or manually enter time spent for all tasks at the end of the day or week.

Time Management

With ClientFlow, you'll get a summary of the time you spent on tasks and projects so you know where your time went. You can analyze it and plan your time more effectively.


You can see the time clocked by your teammates and the aggregated time spent on Projects to see where time is being spent by your team so you can optimize it.

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Add process to Client management

Single Platform

Centralizing Client management avoids the hassle of switching between tools and makes sure you can completely focus on client service.


Harness the potential of message and project templates to automate client management

Actionable via Email

Clients receive custom branded emails from you and can take actions right from their inbox, without having to create any account

Collaborate in context

Having conversations and tasks in one place makes ensures you have complete context on client projects.

Who we help

Handling various marketing divisions for each client can be very cumbersome, if it is not organized well.
With ClientFlow, marketing managers and teams can smoothly manage all project related communication,
project management, and collaboration in one place.

Strategizing design plans and creating cutting edge creatives, deciding on layouts and creating
templates for client projects, all require inputs from both the client and the team. Such
collaboration can be easily achieved with ClientFlow.

Professional services require rigorous planning, management, evaluation, and consulting in domains
like accountancy, actuary, and finances. ClientFlow can help you manage all these activities to address
the minutest of details in any project.

Agile project teams in the IT industry are constantly juggling between the technical, business, and marketing
aspects of various projects. ClientFlow is an easy way to consolidate all these activities on one platform
and minimize overheads.

Transforming wireframes or storyboards into functional code or creating a website format for
a client requires a lot of brainstorming with the team members. With ClientFlow, you can
have methodical and coordinated team discussions for maximum team output.

Key Benefits

Enhance Client Experience

Spend less time juggling between multiple tools and focus on maximizing the quality of client service

Increase Productivity

Change the way you work by organizing all your work and prioritizing them to make sure deadlines are met

Bring your team together

Collaborate on tasks and conversations as a team and make every member of your team a contributor


Seamlessly connect ClientFlow with 1000+ tools through Zapier.

What they're saying

“When managing multiple clients and projects, keeping your email inbox organized can be a nightmare. ClientFlow has made a huge difference for us by moving client conversations and approvals out of the inbox and into a central, organized platform.”

Brett Cowden

VP Client Services, Cygnal

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