Cold email

How One Cold Email Landed Me A $15K Consulting Project

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I’ve outlined my entire process from beginning to end, including what worked, what didn’t and improvements that I could have made.

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In this post, I’ve covered 33 strategies you can use to get more clients. I’ve also included helpful advice, resources and tools for each strategy.
How to make money as freelancers

How To Make More Money As A Freelancer

| Client Work | 36 Comments
This post will cover ways you can make more money, from your processes to how you communicate with clients.
Brainstorming App Ideas

How I found my next app idea without looking

| Our Journey | 12 Comments
I became a developer to build SaaS products. I joined Placester to become a better developer and participate in the building of a startup and an engineering team. I wouldn’t…
Improve consulting process

5 Ways To Improve Your Consulting Business

| Client Work | 9 Comments
I want to discuss 5 ways you can improve your consulting business and really start separating yourself from other vendors. These 5 tips are written for web consultants, but can…

“Client-Centric” Project Management (How It Can Help Your Business)

| Client Experience | 3 Comments
What is “client-centric” project management? Get the low-down on how it could be beneficial to your business.
Product Idea Generation

6 Steps to finding the product idea you should be building

| Product | 2 Comments
Experts know the biggest challenges in their industry and are the exact right people to fix those problems. These 6 steps turn your expertise into an idea.
Freelance Business

Got Tool Fatigue? The Simple Way To An Efficient Freelance Business

| Client Work, Project Management | 2 Comments
The number of tools available can be overwhelming, but what do you really need for an efficient freelance business?
GoAppSchool Interview

We’re always looking for “better” project management software

| Project Management | 2 Comments
Interview focus: There's a difference between task and project management, and knowing which one you need is important to picking an PM app.
Productized Services

Need To Scale Up? Why Productized Services Could Be For You

| Client Experience | One Comment
Many consultants and freelancers look to scale up; how could productized services be the answer?
Communicate In Language Your Client Understands

How To Communicate In Language Your Client Understands

| Client Experience | One Comment
Want to avoid going back and forth with clients? Learn to communicate in their language to boost efficiency. Find out where to start here...

The Biggest Problems Clients Have With Digital Agencies

| Client Experience | One Comment
Is your agency committing any of these common blunders? Clean them up and your customers will love you
Message Analytics

New Features: Message Templates and Analytics

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Today I'm excited to announce 2 features many of our early adopters have been anticipating: Message Templates and Analytics. TL;DR: Templates are canned messages, organized by category that can be used…

Time To Cut And Run? 6 Things You Shouldn’t Tolerate From Clients

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When should you drop a client? We’ve got a few situations you shouldn’t tolerate.

Roadblocked? Your Guide To Keeping Projects Un-Stuck

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How does your agency prevent projects from becoming roadblocked? It’s often about procedures and standards.

How to add process to common agency activities that usually don’t have an official process

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  This is a guest post by Hubstaff, time tracking software with screenshots, activity levels, and in-depth reports. There’s a truth we all know about what it takes to run…
Client communication mistakes

7 Communication Mistakes That Can Cost You Clients

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Are communication mistakes costing you clients? We’ve got some tips for staying on track.
Simple Focus

ClientFlow acquisition announcement

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  Dear loyal ClientFlow Users and Fans, Today, I'm excited to announce that ClientFlow has been acquired by Simple Focus, a very talented team who has a track record of…

7 Questions Clients Have About Your Digital Agency

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What do your prospects want to know about your digital agency before hiring you? Be prepared to answer these questions.
Manage remote teams

How To Manage A Remote Team For Successful Projects

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Need to successfully manage a remote team? There are four key challenges you’ll need to overcome.
Client Communication

A Guide To Difficult Conversations For Agencies

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Need to have a “difficult” conversation? Take a deep breath and check out these strategies.

Is Your Agency Reaching The Right Clients?

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Want more clients who are a better fit for your agency? Here’s how you can attract them.

How To Build An Effective Referral Strategy For Your Agency

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Referrals can be a powerful source of quality clientele for your agency. How can you build an effective strategy?
5 Strategies For Dealing With Difficult Clients

5 Strategies For Dealing With Difficult Clients

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It’s inevitable that you’ll get the occasional “difficult client”, so how should you deal with them? Five strategies to get you through.
Avoid These 7 Common Presentation Pitfalls With Your Clients

Avoid These 7 Common Presentation Pitfalls With Your Clients

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How well do you present yourself to clients? Common presentation pitfalls and how to avoid them...
Hire Remote Workers

How To Hire Remote Workers

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I’ve outlined a process I use for vetting and hiring remote workers from a hiring pool.
Project Management Software is Still Broken

Project Management Software is (Still) Broken

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The “industry standard” for consulting and agencies is to invite clients into project management software. The software isn’t easy for these clients to use, doesn’t present the right level of…
Creating an excellent Client Experience aka. CX

User Experience (UX) is trending, but why isn’t Client Experience (CX) too?

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There is market saturation of web tech professionals in client services, so make your personal or agency’s differentiating factor an excellent client experience, aka CX, and share that via your…
Community Presence

The best client experiences start before you meet your client

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Client experiences start long before they meet you. To give your clients an excellent experience when working with you, start by laying a path of crumbs, or positive experiences, so…
On-time Projects

How to complete client projects on time

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Losing a week here and there can feel like the “cost of doing business” as a consultant, but on a macro scale, this time lost is costing you much more…

Scheduling client work is more complicated than you think

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Scheduling client work is complicated because it requires especially a balance of making promises you can keep to clients and avoiding scope creep.

Building Trust in Work Relationships with Inclusion

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Growing trust via inclusiveness is about feeling like your thoughts and opinions are heard and considered.
Self Branding

4 Resources to Charge More with Better Self-Branding: for Freelancers and Small Teams

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All freelancers and small consulting teams need to go through a self-identifying process in order to build a successful client list and charge more.
Elizabeth Harrin

[Interview] Elizabeth Harrin on her professional project management workflow

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Elizabeth shows us that even for a professional project manager, there's no project management silver bullet.
Strong client pipeline

Proven Ways Freelancers Can Maintain A Strong Client Pipeline

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As a freelancer, how are you keeping a steady stream of work? Use these strategies to fill your pipeline and avoid ‘boom or bust’...
Digital Agency

How To Future-Proof Your Digital Agency

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Speed to opening is a common goal of digital agencies, but have you checked off these items to future-proof your business?
5 Reasons Freelancers Should Switch To Retainer Clients

5 Reasons Freelancers Should Switch To Retainer Clients

| Client Experience, Project Management | No Comments
Going from project to project as a freelancer can be tough; are retainers the answer to better reliability?
How To Nail Down Project Terms And Avoid Scope Creep

How To Nail Down Project Terms And Avoid Scope Creep

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Want to avoid the never-ending project? Avoid scope creep by creating clear project terms...

Why Your Team Should Start Using a Shared Inbox

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The good and bad of email Email has long been a core tool for business communications - both for internal communication, as well as client communication. It is cost-effective, easy…