We’re always looking for “better” project management software

GoAppSchool Interview


Big thanks to Bryson with Go App School for making this interview happen. It was a good conversation that dug into the difference between task management and project management.

You see, there are hundreds of task management SaaS apps out there already. Trello, Asana, Teamwork, PivotalTracker, and Jira to name a few*. Lots of them are very good for making task lists, assigning task responsibly, and tracking outstanding items.

So you might ask this question: “Why build ProjectPulse in a saturated market of project management software?”

Answer: The project management software ecosystem is NOT saturated. It’s the task management application market that’s saturated.

This is the fundamental root problem for why people are always looking for “better project management software”. We’re all looking for a better project management application because we need more than task management solved.

Forget software for a second… At it’s core, project management has 3 parts:

  1. Project Planning
  2. Task Management
  3. Project Status Communication

I talk about these 3 parts of project management in my post Project Management Software is (Still) Broken. They’re the pillars of project management and understanding them is understanding why we’re all still looking for better project management software.

Once you realize that projects aren’t just about tasks, that they’re also about planning and communication as well, you realize that organizing all projects solely in a task management system isn’t a sound solution. Assuming that sharing lists of tasks, whether incomplete or complete, with all project stakeholders is shortsighted. Most stakeholders, whether your coworker, boss, or client, don’t care about your tasks, they care about major milestones and if the project’s trajectory is on schedule.

So what becomes the biggest time sink for you, the project owner, is project communication, because explaining a project’s status is hard when you have to translate it into a language your stakeholders understand every step of the way.

So next time you find yourself looking for better project management software, ask yourself if you’re island-hopping from one task management software to the next, and if what you actually need is help making project status communication easier.


*Some would say Basecamp too, but I consider it to be discussion-oriented instead of task-oriented.

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  • Meanu Normia says:

    Hi Galen, Amazing post! We switched from basecamp to proofhub few months ago as our team was facing difficulties with this tool and It really lacks some of the latest features which today businesses need for better project management.

  • Galen Vinter says:

    Hi Meanu, thanks! What types of features were you looking for?