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New Features: Message Templates and Analytics

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Today I’m excited to announce 2 features many of our early adopters have been anticipating: Message Templates and Analytics.


Templates are canned messages, organized by category that can be used to communicate more quickly with clients.

Analytics are open analytics on email messages sent to clients. Each message sent to a client will have stats on who opened the message, when and how many times they opened it.


Message Templates

Message Templates

Message templates are a quick way to save canned messages and responses for your team to use over and over again. Whether you’re writing in a conversation thread or writing an approval, just click “Add Template” (is right next to “Add Attachment”). A modal will appear and make picking a template super easy.

Add Template

Pick a Template


Message Analytics

Knowing when your clients open messages from you will change the way you follow up on messages. Ever get stuck thinking, “Should I ask if they got my last message?” Well, now you know whether they ever opened it, how many times they opened it, and when the last time they opened it was.

Chances are you should follow up immediately if they haven’t opened your message within 24hrs because our data show that if it isn’t opened in 24hrs then it probably won’t be opened ever.

Message Analytics


Just a few more ways to make client projects go smoothly! Reach out if you have any questions: [email protected]