ClientFlow acquisition announcement

By October 18, 2016Our Journey
Simple Focus

Dear loyal ClientFlow Users and Fans,

Today, I’m excited to announce that ClientFlow has been acquired by Simple Focus, a very talented team who has a track record of building and growing great products! This means that ClientFlow will live on and continue to grow for our awesome users and to deliver on the promise of making client management easier while simultaneously building an excellent experience for our users’ clients. Fear not if you’re a user: ClientFlow is still here to serve you!


Ian and I put a lot of time, sweat, and love into ClientFlow. We worked our butts off to talk to so many of you via email, chat and Skype to learn about the challenges of building digital agencies. From scratch to production with paying users, it was an unbelievable experience and we learned so much along the way. So thank you for talking to us and helping us build a truly awesome product. I’m very proud of what we did together.

I’m confident that ClientFlow has a very bright future ahead. JD and the Simple Focus team see the potential in ClientFlow and understand the user-base first-hand, as an agency themselves.  They’ve proven that they truly know how to build, grow, and market products.

You’re in good hands, and if you ever have any questions for me, feel free to reach me via my personal email address: [email protected]

You can read more about how excited JD is about ClientFlow in his latest Medium post.

Galen Vinter
Co-founder, ClientFlow