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Client emailing service such as Gmail was designed for one-to-one communication and not for collaboration with multiple people on your team. An Email Collaboration Software like ClientFlow provides significant advantages that will enable your team to deal with email conversations much more efficiently.

Limitations of Traditional Emails as Collaborative email Inbox

Not Designed as an email Collaboration Software:

Gmail does not allow you to keep track of the latest changes in a group conversation, or facilitate group conversations. Instead, you may waste time scrolling through multiple email threads to find what you need.

Does Not Allow Simple Sorting of Emails:

You can use a client’s email thread and begin conversations with team members. It means you end up creating an internal thread within your clients’ emails, which might not be relevant to client at all.

Does Not Facilitate Easy Follow-up with Team Members:

Many teams use Gmail to share and discuss projects. It means you will have multiple versions of files and documents in the thread. Unfortunately, the hidden knowledge of team members gets buried in these threads.

collaboration with a team member via internal comments

What Makes ClientFlow one of the Best Collaboration Tools

Quick and Efficient Delegation

With ClientFlow you can create tasks and subtasks directly from emails, assign work, set delivery deadlines and attach documents with relative ease. It makes delegating and following-up simple, as everything is located in a single interface with proper segregation.

Transparent Working:

ClientFlow is designed to facilitate transparent teamwork. It puts everyone on the same page, but allows every team member to see the status of tasks and emails assigned to other members.

Superior Project Organization

Every team member gets their own dashboard that allows them to get a summary of the assigned work, classification of tasks based on priority, and marking the progress of each task so that everyone in the team knows the status.

Open and Close Conversations

Once a conversation is over, team members have the option to close it. Also, at any point, the entire team knows which conversations are open and the ones that are closed. So, there is no need to check through all conversations to determine whether they have reached their conclusion.


You don’t have to spend time drafting the same emails to multiple clients. Instead, you can make use of message templates to send repetitive emails.

All Communication in a Single Place

You don’t have to worry about multiple emails about a project or client. ClientFlow team email allows you to tag different email threads so that all conversations pertaining to a specific tag are available in a single location.

Follow Conversations

Follow conversations of your team without being a part of it to receive updates and be in the communication loop.

sending mail to client for approval
image showing setting of reminder

Increased efficiency


Ensure that you never miss responding to an important conversation by snoozing the conversation to be reminded about it at a later time.

Message Templates

Spend less time on drafting repetitive mails by using pre-built or customized message templates.

Mail Tracking

Track messages after sending them to know when team members or clients open or reply to them and make more informed decisions.

Turn your Inbox into a helpdesk

Unlike Gmail, with ClientFlow you can track the status of the email conversations of your team. As soon as a conversation has ended, team members can close it.

Add Custom Branding to emails

Add your company logo to the emails to brand it when you respond to clients and external stakeholders. This creates a more professional look and also works to increase brand awareness.

Create and track tasks from conversations

Create tasks directly from conversations and assign it to teammates so they have full context.

tags assigned to different tasks such as important, completed etc

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“One of the challenges in the marketing automation space is communicating its complexity in a format that is easy for clients to understand. ClientFlow allows me to do that and more, and is most valuable when you have multiple clients and projects running in ClientFlow (and your good ol’ inbox becomes manageable again too).”

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