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Client communication

Shared inbox

Client communication

  • Communicate efficiently with Clients as a team.
  • Standardize Client Approval Request process.
  • Enable clients to communicate directly from their Inbox.


Draft approvals effortlessly and deliver to client’s inbox. Clients can approve requests directly from their inbox. Stay updated on confirmation and delays in approvals

Message templates

Well-defined message templates standardize communication across all of your projects. This makes managing complex projects much easier

Custom Branding

Add your company logo to send visually impressive branded emails to clients

Actionable via Email

You clients do not need to create another account. They can take all actions directly from their inbox.

Mail Tracking

Track sent mails to know when the client has opened and read their message and be better informed.

Smart actions

Improve productivity by leveraging a personal assistant for client communication

Shared inbox

shared inbox feature page of ClientFlow
  • A single, streamlined platform to address all your collaboration needs.
  • Manage Personal, Team and Client communication efficiently.
  • Increase ownership and reduce email response time.

Team inboxes

Every department - sales, marketing, accounting, etc., can have their own group email for close and personalized collaboration

Common inbox for Clients

Share a common email with clients which they can use for all conversations with the agency

Advanced filters

Easily sift through all emails across different inboxes using specific filters

Team collaboration

  • Easily review and provide feedback as a team
  • Increase efficacy of collaboration by facilitating internal discussions
  • Stay updated on progress on-the-go without having to follow-up.

Assign conversations

Assign emails to either yourself or a team member to ensure that workload is shared effectively and ownership is clearly assigned.

Internal comments

Communicate and coordinate with other team members through internals notes that are only visible to your team. You don’t have to flood other members’ inboxes with repetitive follow up emails. Simply add comments and notes for them to see.

Open or close threads

Close conversations when they have concluded, so you can focus only on threads which need your attention. This eliminates confusion and increases productivity.

Follow conversations

Have visibility into your teammates' conversations and ensure that you’re kept abreast of all the latest updates.


Never miss acting on an important email again! Set a conversation to ‘snooze’ mode to receive reminders.

Project Management

list of tasks in ClientFlow
  • Delegate and organize tasks easily
  • Collaborate with other team members
  • Track progress on-the-go

Task comments

Participate in conversation threads pertaining to a specific task within the task itself and stay updated on the task progress

Task status

Use standard statuses such as To do, In progress, etc. or create custom statuses to label your tasks.

Time tracker

Use the time tracker to record each second you spend working on a project or a task

Kanban Board

Use a Kanban board to have an overview of tasks based on Status or phase

Assign tasks

Use the Assign Task feature to smoothly allocate work to your team members from within the software, rather than notifying them via emails.


Stay updated on task updates, new assignments and alerts from your Inbox


Use various client and project based filters to sift through multiple tasks and effortlessly find the information you are looking for.

Due dates

Use Due Dates on tasks to allot deadlines. Team members get a time estimate to complete their tasks, thus delivering a project on time.

Sub tasks

Use Sub tasks to break down tasks into small actionable steps, increasing the overall speed, productivity, and efficiency.


Use ‘Attachments’ to add documents from your computer or third party applications like Drive or Dropbox while relaying jobs to team members.


Add task Description to convey your task expectations and details the assignee.

Group tasks

Use various segregation labels based on clients, projects, due dates, assignee, or status to group your tasks. Group tasks offer a flexible way to organize your tasks and get work done systematically.

Time Tracking

  • Track time with ease and flexibility
  • Manage and budget time for multiple tasks efficiently
  • Enable increased transparency for managers, clients and employees with time logs

Flexible time tracking

Each employee will have a timer, that can be started at the beginning of any task. All time entries are aggregated based on client, project and employee into timesheets

Bulk time clocking

Manually enter time spent on multiple tasks at the end of each week or day, instead of at the beginning and end of each individual task

Time logs

You can see the history of all the time entries of projects and tasks and know who worked on the task and when they worked on it.

Budgeted time

Set a budgeted time for a project, task or users so that the work can be planned accordingly and delays can be avoided.

Browser extension

Use the chrome extension to track time spent on a task, on-the-go, without having to open the app.

Invoicing (coming soon)

employee time tracking
  • Create invoices easily and efficiently
  • Track invoices sent to clients
  • Templates and direct payments simplify and speed up the invoicing process

Easy Invoices

Create both time based and generic invoices for your projects, in no time. Clientflow calculates final invoice amount based on all time entries for that particular project.

Invoice tracking

Send invoices to clients directly within the tool, as well as track delivery and open rates. All conversations related to the invoice can be viewed within a single thread.

User based invoices

Create project invoices based on time spent by all team members with different billable rates. Clientflow pulls in all time entries for the user and calculated the invoice amount.

Invoice Templates

Create a template for client invoices, so you can create and schedule recurring invoices effortlessly, without having to create an invoice for each client from scratch.

Direct Payments

You can create invoices in Clientflow and let your clients pay you directly from the invoice through a payment gateway.

Resource Planning (coming soon)

  • Plan Projects and Tasks based on Timelines using Gantt charts.
  • Determine who is available to take on more work with a glance
  • Deliver projects on time regardless of shifting deadlines and goalposts

Resource Allocation

See at a glance how much work each team member has and reassign or adjust tasks accordingly

Gantt Charts

Use Gantt charts to plan projects on a timeline. Keep a track of the task progress and be aware of bottlenecks.

Drag and drop scheduler

If you do need to reassign tasks, you can easily do so with the drag and drop scheduler. Manage entire workloads with tremendous ease

Task dependencies

Set dependencies, so one task is completed before the next can begin, in order to create a specific sequence of tasks and ensure that workflows function smoothly.

Workflow templates

Identify and manage tasks and projects using pre-build templates to help you get started quickly

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