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Common Inbox

Custom Branding


Effortlessly share conversations with your team

Inboxes can be black holes. For better or for worse, everyone drops the ball on email conversations. Consolidated team threads prevent inbox black holes.

Open/Close Threads

When a conversation comes to a conclusion, close it out.

Assign conversations to teammates

Every conversation should have one team member held responsible.

Add Internal Notes

Teammates can leave notes on threads, projects, and clients.

“When managing multiple clients and projects, keeping your email inbox organized can be a nightmare. ClientFlow has made a huge difference for us by moving client conversations and approvals out of the inbox and into a central, organized platform.”


Manage inbound and outbound conversations

Guarantee Client Participation

Projects run smoother when clients participate. ClientFlow makes participation easy.

Messages Delivered to Inboxes

Clients don't create an account or learn a new system.

Attach via Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box

Share files where they're currently managed. No need to store files in 3 places.


Your brand comes first

You work hard to build relationships with clients. Custom branding reduces the distractions that most tools create. Look as good as you are.


Build processes by templating communications

  • Onboarding
  • Status Updates
  • Invoices
  • Feature Requests


Automate Your Approval Workflow

On-the-Record Approvals10

Approval requests and confirmations are recorded automatically.

Actionable via Email

Approvals are delivered via email and can be confirmed from the inbox.

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Track Late Approvals

An approval's due date eliminate clients from slowing down the project.


Identify clients who need a nudge

Get a glimpse into your client’s engagement level by knowing when they open the messages and approvals you send. What’s more, know when they click the links included in those emails.

Message Analytics

Get insight into which client contacts open your messages and when.

Always know which client needs a response

Part of a excellent client experience is timely responses. Don't accidentally leave a client out to dry.

I used to have to set up alerts and write down notes to remember where a project thread was for various clients. It was overwhelming and unproductive. Now, everything is where it should be, and nothing gets lost. ClientFlow is simple. And that’s why I love it.”

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