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Transform collaboration with your team on your Gmail Shared Inbox and make client communication more effective


Businesses use a Shared Gmail inbox or a Google group/ Alias such as [email protected] or [email protected] to deal with shared email conversations. ClientFlow provides a platform to manage these email conversations better on a Collaborative Shared Inbox.

Problems with using a Shared Gmail Inbox / Google Group

No Clear Ownership

When numerous people handle a gmail account, there is no clarity as to who should take ownership of conversations. It may also happen that two people reply to the same email.

Internal collaboration is messy

To collaborate with teammates, emails have to be forwarded to individual email accounts. This creates sub threads within the main thread and leads to email clutter.

Switching between accounts

When multiple gmail accounts are managed by one person, he/ she needs to constantly switch back and forth between the accounts to manage emails.

collaboration with a team member via internal comments

How ClientFlow helps

Assign emails to teammates

Assign responsibility of responding to emails to teammates by simply assigning it to them and they will receive a notification regarding the same. At any point, know what conversations your team members are working on at a glance.

Add Internal Comments

Have internal discussions with your teammates by adding comments within the email thread. This will be hidden to the client. You can also @mention anyone on your team to loop them into the conversation.

Use a Single Platform

Have all the email accounts you manage on a single platform and operate all your communication channels from a single location without having to switch accounts.


Unlike Gmail, with ClientFlow you can track status for client emails you have received, sent or assigned to a team member. You can see if they have been approved or if they are delayed and by how many days.

Use your Inbox as a CRM

Add custom rules to tag email conversations with clients or projects so that you have all conversations of a particular client or project at a single place.

Follow Conversations

Follow conversations of your team without being a part of it to receive updates and be in the communication loop.

sending mail to client for approval
image showing setting of reminder

Increased efficiency


Ensure that you never miss responding to an important conversation by snoozing the conversation to be reminded about it at a later time.

Message Templates

Spend less time on drafting repetitive mails by using pre-built or customized message templates.

Mail Tracking

Track messages after sending them to know when team members or clients open or reply to them and make more informed decisions.

Turn your Inbox into a helpdesk

Unlike Gmail, with ClientFlow you can track the status of the email conversations of your team. As soon as a conversation has ended, team members can close it.

Add Custom Branding to emails

Add your company logo to the emails to brand it when you respond to clients and external stakeholders. This creates a more professional look and also works to increase brand awareness.

Create and track tasks from conversations

Create tasks directly from conversations and assign it to teammates so they have full context.

tags assigned to different tasks such as important, completed etc

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“One of the challenges in the marketing automation space is communicating its complexity in a format that is easy for clients to understand. ClientFlow allows me to do that and more, and is most valuable when you have multiple clients and projects running in ClientFlow (and your good ol’ inbox becomes manageable again too).”

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