Client projects run more predictably with ClientFlow

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Quickly kick-off a new client project

Starting a new project is as easy as selecting an “onboarding” template from your library of message templates and sending it to a new client.

Send status updates to clients as projects progress

Status updates show your clients that you’re hard at work, but writing them can be a drag. Use message templates and Asana integrations to quickly build status updates to be delivered via email.

Approval how it works
Approval how it works

Track every interaction

Knowing when to follow-up with clients is crucial. The best way to know if clients are engaged is to know if they received your message and when they’ve opened it. Be informed.

Request approvals

On-the-record approvals are the easiest way to document the progress of your projects without requiring that your client signs a document at each phase of the project.

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Assign and close conversations

Just like a help desk, conversations never fall through the cracks. Assign conversations to your team and close them when a conclusion is reached. Never drop a conversation again.

Build long-term client relationships

An excellent client experience builds trust in clients and opportunities for repeat business. Keeping clients informed and knowing when to reach back out to them after projects finish is the key to your next new engagement.

“One of the challenges in the marketing automation space is communicating its complexity in a format that is easy for clients to understand. ClientFlow allows me to do that and more, and is most valuable when you have multiple clients and projects running in ClientFlow (and your good ol’ inbox becomes manageable again too).”

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Remove the uncertainty of client projects

Add process and confidence to your team's client work

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