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Online Kanban Board

Enhance productivity using ClientFlow's Online Kanban Board

An online Kanban board is nothing but a web-based Kanban Project Software, which offers end-to-end support in the task as well as project management, with the help of distinctly colourful sticky notes that can be conveniently moved about on the virtual board displayed on your computer screens.

The Kanban board lets you define, visualise, control as well optimise workflow, while helping you collaborate with the members of your team in real time.

A Kanban icon
A Kanban icon showing tasks to be done, finished tasks etc

Kanban Board Software

Why do you need it?

  • Visualise Your Work Flow- With the Kanban board, you can now get a quick overview of the workflow, right on your computer screen!
  • Get More Done, Faster- Bring your attention to what really matters. Kanban will help you create a better flow by helping you finish off ongoing tasks, before taking on new ones.
  • Keep a Track of Time- Make use of inbuilt timers, or simply log in manually, either way you can constantly remain updated on how much time it took to complete each task. Eventually, you can root out any gaps and achieve greater efficiency.
  • Collaborate Like Never Before- With Kanban, each and every change made on the board is instantly visible to all team members, making it easier to collaborate in a truly effortless manner!

ClientFlow's Kanban Board

How can ClientFlow's Kanban Board help you?

  • Flexible Time Tracking – Whether you wish to do it in an automated manner or simply wish your team members to key in the time put in towards each task manually, you will now be able to track time with incredible ease1
  • Efficient Workflow- Delegate tasks, and track their progress, all through the Kanban Board or your own inbox. No need to juggle between different programs to manage your ongoing projects.
  • Improve Communication- Discuss, plan and schedule each project and the related tasks with your entire team, through a single interface. No need to pass on emails back and forth!
  • Enhanced Transparency- With publicly visible timesheets and report analyses, each team member becomes accountable, making it more than easy for you, your team as well as your client to keep an eye on the current status of the project!
task feature of ClientFlow

Key benefits of using Kanban Project Management

Bring simplicity

Delegate and track each project from within your inbox using single project management software.

Improve team cooperation

Discuss and coordinate projects and tasks with the entire team on a single interface.

Boost productivity

Manage multiple projects and clients on a single platform with zero hassle.

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