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Organize and Collaborate on Work and Communicate effectively with your Team and Clients


ClientFlow helps you organize Emails and Tasks and assign them to Team members. This ensures that there is clear ownership of work. Team members can then plan their work and manage their time efficiently which directly increases Workplace productivity.

Manage Email Communication more efficiently

ClientFlow provides a single platform for all your Personal, Team and Client conversations.
Not having to switch between multiple accounts saves time and helps you focus on responding to emails.

dashboard for communicating with team mates

Team Collaboration

Assign Emails

You can assign emails to either yourself or a team member to ensure that workload is shared effectively and ownership is clearly assigned.

Internal comments

Communicate and coordinate with other team members through internals notes that are only visible to your team.

Follow Conversations

If you want to stay on top of what is happening with emails of your team, you can turn on the follow functionality to ensure that you are aware of all the latest updates.

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Client Communication

Pre-built Templates

Pre-built email templates such as end-of-week status update help you save time on repeated conversations. You can also create custom templates that are specific to your team.

Automated Approvals

You can send an email as an approval request. The recipient can either approve or reject or discuss further in the same thread. This helps in tracking Client Approval requests with ease.

Organize Communication

You can associate Emails and Tasks to specific Clients and Projects and mark them as Important, In progress, Completed, etc. to track them.

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sending mail to client for approval

Have control on your Projects and Tasks

With ClientFlow, you can manage your entire work right from creating projects and tasks,
assigning them to team members and following up on the status.

collaboration with a team member via internal comments

Delegating Tasks

Quickly setup tasks, assign them to teammates with due dates, tag them according to the task status and attach necessary documents so that the assignee has full context.

Organising Projects

ClientFlow lets you organise all your work based on Clients, Projects, Assignees and Due dates. This will make your job easier in managing the work.

Team Collaboration

ClientFlow helps you work better as a team by allowing you to assign Conversations and Tasks to teammates and seamlessly communicate via the inbuilt comment section.

Kanban Board

Kanban Board makes it easier to visualize tasks based on the status. You can customize your Kanban Borad based on your workflow and update progress by drag and drop.

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Track and Manage Time seamlessly.

Tracking Time on Projects and Tasks is a Breeze with ClientFlow's In-built Time Tracking.
See where your time went and optimize it to Boost Productivity.

Flexible Time tracking

Time can be clocked as you start working within the Task or Project. Time entries are aggregated based on Client, Project and Employee which helps you analyze your team's productivity.

Bulk Time Clocking

You can enter time spent on multiple projects and tasks at one go at the end of the day or week. This avoids the hassle of having to update the timer each time you start or stop working.

Timesheets and Reports

Custom Dashboards help you analyze how productively your team is working. Managers can monitor employee timesheets thereby facilitating transparency and increasing employee accountability.

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moving the task from one label to another such as important, to do etc.

“One of the challenges in the marketing automation space is communicating its complexity in a format that is easy for clients to understand. ClientFlow allows me to do that and more, and is most valuable when you have multiple clients and projects running in ClientFlow (and your good ol’ inbox becomes manageable again too).”

Client flow approvals

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