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Organize projects, collaborate with your team, and enhance efficiency with Clientflow

task feature of ClientFlow

Delegating tasks becomes super easy

Clientflow allows account managers to:

  • Create tasks and subtasks
  • Assign and set due dates to tasks
  • Attach relevant documents
selecting user in ClientFlow
Kanban board of ClientFlow

Organizing projects is no more a task in itself

Clientflow offers each team member a personal dashboard to:

  • Get a summary of the assigned projects and tasks
  • Classify tasks based on their priority
  • Update task progress

Team Collaboration was never this easy

Clientflow offers a transparent project management tool that allows:

  • Team members to view each other’s task progress
  • Managers to track individual and collective progress on a project
  • Easy collaboration in context via task comments.
list of tasks in ClientFlow

Key benefits of using ClientFlow's project management tool

Bring simplicity

Delegate and track each project from within your inbox using single project management software.

Improve team cooperation

Discuss and coordinate projects and tasks with the entire team on a single interface.

Boost productivity

Manage multiple projects and clients on a single platform with zero hassle.

A flexible project management software for every industry

Task comments

Participate in conversation threads pertaining to a specific task within the task itself and stay updated on the progress

Task status

Use standard statuses such as To do, In progress, etc. or create custom statuses to label your tasks

Time tracker

Use the time tracker to record each second you spend working on a project or a task.

Kanban Board

Use a Kanban board to have an overview of all tasks of a project based on Status

Assign projects

Use the Assign task feature to smoothly allocate work to your team members from within the software, rather than notifying them via emails.


Stay updated on project and task updates, new assignments and alerts from your Inbox


Use various client and project based filters to sift through multiple projects and effortlessly find the information you are looking for.

Due dates

Use Due Dates on tasks to allot deadlines. Team members get a time estimate to complete their tasks, thus delivering their tasks on time.

Sub tasks

Use Sub tasks to break down tasks into small actionable steps, increasing the overall speed, productivity, and efficiency.


Use ‘Attachments’ to add documents from your computer or third party applications like Drive or Dropbox while relaying jobs to team members.


Add project and task Descriptions to convey your expectations and details to the assignee on the record.

Group tasks

Use various segregation labels based on clients, projects, due dates, assignee, or status to group your tasks. Group tasks offer a flexible way to organize your projects and get work done systematically.

Other features of ClietFlow's Project Management

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