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Personal Task Management Software

ClientFlow Task Management and Monitoring software helps users in following ways-

  • Personal Dashboard: Every user has a personal dashboard that allows them to get a summary of the tasks they have been assigned. They can easily categorize tasks based on priority and update the progress of each task with relative ease.
  • Board and Filters-ClientFlow has both Kanban Board view and List view which helps in better visualizing and managing tasks. You can use client and task-based filters (eg. ongoing tasks, completed task, important tasks) to go through multiple tasks and easily find the details you are seeking.
  • To Do Lists– Users can create to-do lists to manage their tasks. They can create customized labels to have complete control over their tasks and ensure they can prioritize them based on deadlines and delivery schedules.
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Enterprise Task Management and Monitoring

Manage tasks and keep track of your employees using a single interface

  • Assign & Group Tasks– ClientFlow Task Management & Monitoring lets you use segregation labels based on different parameters – clients, projects, assignee, due dates, and status. As a result, the task with the same labels are grouped together, allowing to carefully organize each task and ensure tasks and subtasks are assigned smoothly. Also, the Kanban Board View provides with better visualization and makes managing tasks easier.
  • Tracking Tasks– You can track your and your team’s progress quite effortlessly. You can comment on a task, create labels for tasks to categorize them based on different parameters which makes ClientFlow one of the best task management software.
  • Team Collaboration– Through transparent project management system, each team member can view the progress and comment internally to flawlessly delegate the work. Also, you can assign deadlines for the tasks so that team members pace their work and deliver on time.

Team Task Management and Monitoring

ClientFlow facilitates team task management and monitoring in the following ways-

  • Delegating tasks–  Users can create tasks and subtasks that they want to assign to their team. They can assign delivery deadlines, client documents and resources from external drives and third-party sites (Dropbox, Google Drive etc).
  • Convenient Discussions: Team members can start a conversation about specific subtasks within the main task through conversation threads. All team members can join the conversation and ensure they stay updated which makes ClientFlow one of the top choices for task management software.
  • Hassle-free Notifications: Team members get notifications in their personal inboxes when there are task updates, alerts or new assignments. This way, they are always in the communication loop.
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Key benefits of using ClientFlow's task management software

Bring simplicity

Delegate and track each project from within your inbox using single project management software.

Improve team cooperation

Discuss and coordinate projects and tasks with the entire team on a single interface.

Boost productivity

Manage multiple projects and clients on a single platform with zero hassle.

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