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In the modern day corporate culture, time management has becoming exceedingly significant which has accentuated the need for greater productivity than ever before. ClientFlow's time management tool makes your job much simpler.

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Task Delegation

With ClientFlow’s time management software, managers can easily create tasks & subtasks, which can then be assigned to various members of the team with due dates. Also, one can also attach the relevant documents in each task, making it easier for the members to start working on the assigned tasks right away.

time tracked on all days of a week for different tasks
graph showing no. of hrs worked vs days

Team Collaboration

ClientFlow’s offers complete transparency to the team members so that they can view each other’s progress & communicate with each other through task comments, thus saving lot of precious time. 

Online Invoicing

This is yet another feature that makes ClientFlow an increasingly impressive software. Right from ensuring that every billable task is taken into consideration, to drawing an accurate invoice that offers complete transparency to the clients, it does it all!

employee time tracking


Flexible time tracking

Each employee will have a timer, that can be started at the beginning of any task. All time entries are aggregated based on client, project and employee into timesheets

Bulk time clocking

Manually enter time spent on multiple tasks at the end of each week or day, instead of at the beginning and end of each individual task

Time logs

You can see the history of all the time entries of projects and tasks and know who worked on the task and when they worked on it.

Budgeted time

Set a budgeted time for a project, task or users so that the work can be planned accordingly and delays can be avoided.

Browser extension

Use the chrome extension to track time spent on a task, on-the-go, without having to open the app.


Increased transparency for managers

Managers can oversee projects, gauge employee availability and make better decisions on how employee time can be better optimized. They can also monitor performance, measure productivity and adjust timelines.

Increased transparency for clients

Clients can see how much time is being spent on their projects by the agency. This serves to improve agency client relationship, as they can directly oversee progress of the project.

Increased accountability from employees

Managers can access reports by date, client, project or team member. This transparency encourages employees to perform better and meet deadlines.

No more shuffling between different tools

You no longer have to create tasks again in a separate tool. Log tasks and time spent, all within the same platform.

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“One of the challenges in the marketing automation space is communicating its complexity in a format that is easy for clients to understand. ClientFlow allows me to do that and more, and is most valuable when you have multiple clients and projects running in ClientFlow (and your good ol' inbox becomes manageable again too).”

Lawrence LadomeryFounder, Automatico

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